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We help, teach, entertain, and inspire people to experience the best life possible. Our gaming and meme content is fun, informative, and thought-provoking. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and see our memes!

Our values form the acromomy HELP, which stands for Happiness, Entertainment, Love, and Prosperity.


We strive to play a leading role in helping people everywhere attain happier lives.


We turn ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences.


We believe Love created everthing and everyone, without it, we are nothing.


We aim to see people prospering in all aspects of the livelihood.

Our Services

What we do?

Gaming (GTA San Andreas)

We create video games tutorials, Streams, Commentaries, and showcases for GTA San Andreas.

Marketing Solutions

we present a marketing opportunity through our audience-populated platforms. We have guides, strategy books, blueprints, and other resources.

Meme making

We make memes for educational, information, and entertainment purposes.

Branded wear

We sell branded wear. If you become a Tamba game Patreon, you receive the branded wear free of charge.

Gaming Equipment

Coming soon

Video Gaming

Opening soon